Goals 2022

Yes, most of us think that New Year resolutions are over-rated and talking about them a cliche. Nonetheless, this page is inspired by my good friend, a senior from my engineering days, collaborator along with whom we co-founded Halcyon, one of the best known engineering college cultural festivals in South India if not in the entire country – the multi-dimensional Kiruba Shankar.

Kribs, as some of us know him, posted his goals for the year on his Facebook page which encouraged me to articulate mine as a response to his post.

This is an attempt to track my progress against the 5 goals that I set for myself for the year 2022.

Goals 50 Songs that I can Play on & Sing Along with my Guitar100 days of WalkingPlan & Invest in an College Fund for my daughters10,000 words of my next novel by JuneListen to Understand
not to Respond
Jan4 Songs 😊
(Will start posting them on my YT Channel to document progress)
3 days 😐Research initiated 😐171 words 😔Not going well 😔
Feb+3 Songs learnt 😊
and 3 posted on my YT Channel
ZERO days
Investments Commenced
Systematic Investments Planned for 😊
ZERO words
Holding back a few seconds each time I want to say something to mull whether or not to 😐
MarZERO days
😊ZERO words
Not going well 😔
AprZERO days
😊ZERO words
Not going well 😔
May~ 20 Songs learnt 😊
and 4 posted on my YT Channel
3 days 😐😊ZERO words
Not going well 😔
Progress Tracker