Welcome to the official website of Sudhām, author of the 2015 novel Eighteen: The End of Innocence. published by Leadstart Publishing.

Sudhām‘s second novel Twenty Somethings – For Love or Ambition, also published by Leadstart was launched on March 25, 2021 and is now available across all popular platforms.

Stay tuned for updates regarding his newly released novel, Twenty Somethings – For Love or Ambition . The novel has already made a mark on the bestseller charts and made it to the Top25 Hot New Sellers list on Amazon India Store and also the Top50 novels in the Contemporary Romance category even before it was launched!

Musings – An Anthology a collection of 20 poems written by Sudhām in English and Hindi was also released during the year 2021. Musings features poems written categorized under three themes Love, Loss and Friendship.

Here you can find everything you want to know about Sudhām, the writer, the marketer, the poet and the person.

On this website you can also find his other worksread reviews or send in one, connect with him and follow him on social media, invite him as a speaker to your institution or simply write in.

You can order copies of his novels specially signed for you by Sudhām.

Twenty Somethings – For Love or Ambition
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Eighteen: The End of Innocence
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