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    न पूछो क्योंबस इतना जान लो ये रिश्ता गहरा हैदूरियाँ भले कितनी होंतार जुड़े ही रहेंगेये रिश्ता गहरा हैवक़्त के पन्ने चाहे जितने पलट लो ये रिश्ता गहरा हैख़याल मिले थेदिल मिलते रहेंगेये रिश्ता गहरा हैएक उम्र निभाई हैएक उम्र का वादा हैये रिश्ता गहरा है

  • Hindi Poetry | कविताएँ

    Saath (साथ)

    जब मंज़िलें धुंदली हों और जब रास्ते हो अनजाने क्या तुम साथ दोगे जब सासें फूलने लगे और चलना हो नामुमकिन क्या तुम साथ दोगे जब हौंसले हो तंग और जब हिम्मत न बन्धे क्या तुम साथ दोगे जब उम्मीदें जॉए बिखर और निराशा ही हाथ लगे क्या तुम साथ दोगे जब जेबें हो खाली और तेज़ भूक लगे क्या तुम साथ दोगे जब चिलचिलाती हो धुप और कहीं छाँव न दिखे क्या तुम साथ दोगे जब सब दामन चुरा लें और कोई मान न दे क्या तुम साथ दोगे जब सात वचन मैं लूँ ये और हाँ कह निभाऊँ उम्र भर उन्हें क्या तुम साथ दोगे

  • English Poetry

    The Night Watchman

    Dense fog hangs on Rather obstinately The underlying sense of gloom Is undeniable Rays of the morning sun Battle to sneak in The air feeble in its movement Struggles to rustle a leaf The embers have braved on Valiant in their heat They beat a cold night The ashes tell their tale The steaming cup of tea Signals a new day Dutybound or subservient He salutes with a morning wish Hope and need intertwine Need saying survive another day Hope nudging and telling him This too shall pass

  • Hindi Poetry | कविताएँ

    Tijori (तिजोरी)

    लम्हा लम्हा बीत रही है ज़िंदगी जीवन की अपनी ही एक ताल है वक्त की किसी से नहीं है बंदगी हाल-ए-जहाँ से बेवास्ता चाल है बचपन जवानी की चोटियाँ पीछे कहीं दूर छूठ गयीं ये अधेड़ उम्र की है वादियाँ बहती दरिया है, मोड़ आगे हैं कयीं कैसे ठहरें बस जायें किसी एक लम्हे में हम बिखरे पड़े हैं यादों के ढेरों मोती चमक है कुछ में और कुछ में है कम किसी लम्हे में सुबह, किसी में शाम नहीं होती भर तो ली है हमने यादों से तिजोरी वक्त के कहाँ हुए हम धनी हैं बाज़ार में माज़ी की क़ीमत है थोड़ी क्या मालूम बस सही परख़ की कमी…

  • English Poetry

    I am YOU!

    Perhaps it’s always been the case But I have begun to feel it more these days In important and in those little things In familiar yet in undescribable ways I notice it in the way I speak Even in the way I react to what I eat It manifests in my constant worry I have changed for sure and it’s bittersweet Each day I look in the mirror the feeling grows It causes me to miss you more and then not to There are no two ways about it, I am sure I was “me” now I am “you”

  • Anecdotes,  Musings & Short Stories

    F.R.I.E.N.D.S – Family You Can Choose!

    For most of us the growing up years of school are the times that we cherish. I bet many of us were asked to write essays on “My Best Friend”. Looking back at the years gone by, almost feel that friends are the family life lets you choose. Not to say that the I have complaints about the one I have (and no I’m not buttering up to my parents!!!).I’m sure all of us have those cousins who irritate us no end and uncles who are snoots and aunts who’s son is better than you at everything. But when it comes to friends its different. These are people you’ve chosen…

  • English Poetry

    I Believe

    Sunlight streams through my window But fails to lighten up my dark corners The corners of my vacant heart Life just passed me by While I sat making other plans A long winding highway with pain at every bend A journey spent in waiting for the next milestone Just tunnels without any light at the end Good things come to those who wait they say How much longer? How much further? No stopovers, no goodbyes No fleeting moments stolen from life Lifes just a one way track headed nowhere Hope is the fuel I run on And I still wait because I believe Yes, I believe

  • English Poetry

    Ode to a Sibling

    Is there a burial ground for a heartache? A deep distant corner to bury your feelings Of the sort that were suppressed Emotions left unexpressed The ache of a playmate lost The agony of a companion gone The hand that helped me walk The one who shaped the way I write and talk Never to come back again ..you're gone without a trace Every time I've thought of you I've held back Stopped myself from wondering How it would have been had you been around How you'd have felt In my moments of joy and those when I was in pain Years have passed yet the hurt remains The unsaid…

  • English Poetry

    Thank You

    A chance encounter A wave of hand A familiar face A breaking smile Triggers a train of thought A walk down memory lane Vivid images of cherished times Of growing up and carefree lives Classroom pranks and innocent lies Stolen lunches and greedy bites Muddy shoes and loose hung ties Of friendships stronger than family ties The teachers who fanned our imagination With a word of praise and the occasional stick An encouraging smile for every puzzled look Of discovering a world beyond text books It all comes back each time I pass you by I find myself await another smile This perhaps is a good time to say this…

  • English Poetry

    Life In a Cliche

    I love to catch the morning sun in my eye Always believed there's a cloud with the silver lining somewhere in the sky I long to catch the winter morning breeze When it rains I relish the sight of the washed green leaves Yes there's a rainbow somewhere with a pot of gold For every ending there's a story still untold I know that good things come to those who wait That there will come a day when all the work is finished or when it is not too late I still feel the bitter truth is better than a lie That belief is in saying why not rather than…