English Poetry

A collection of poems penned by Sudhām on a range of topics.

  • English Poetry

    A Beautiful Friendship

    Wonder if things would've changed
    Or would they have remained the same
    Would we have grown into wise old men by now
    Or remained boys taking things as they came
    Life would have kept us together I'd reckon
    Circumstances no doubt would've made our journeys part
    It would have remained a beautiful friendship
    If only a premature end did'nt beckon
    Had life not made other plans
    You'd have turned 50 today
    Imagine all that we'd have done
    The boys in us would've had their way
    So in your memory we shall pour out one
    Sing songs all night from an infinite playlist
    Do things the only way we would have done
    Have one more and one more till morning come
  • English Poetry

    The Average Guy

    I am your average guy
    The kind that hold the door for you
    Instead of getting ahead on the sly
    I am your average guy
    The type you call your friend
    Not the hottie who you wanna try
    I am your average guy
    The one who sticks around
    Never leaves you hanging dry
    I am your average guy 
    Whose word you can rely on
    Not someone who’s default is a lie
    I am your average guy 
    Happy always to lose to you
    Not hide behind if, but and why
    I am your average guy
    Your very last first kiss
    The love you just couldn’t deny
    Yes I am just an average guy 
  • English Poetry

    The Wiseman’s Lament

    Fear not the fools
    For they have no pretence
    Fear the questions they ask
    For they may expose your ignorance
    Beware of the ignorant though
    They certainly are a dangerous lot
    Stubborn enough to keep facts at bay
    Smart enough to connive and plot
    Wisdom alone isn’t enough for the wise
    The wise must put it to opportune use
    For the fool doesn’t care much for knowledge
    The ignorant love status quo, tis change they refuse
    The fools have no concept of it
    The ignorant don’t find wasting it a crime
    Quest for knowledge is a burden for the wise
    Wisdom isn’t attained overnight, it accrues over time
    The world is fair and uniformly unkind to all
    No matter you are the fool, ignorant or wise
    The wise in their knowledge of it suffer more
    After all, “Ignorance is bliss in fool’s paradise”
  • English Poetry

    The Mind Shapers

    A tribute to all the potters
    Who shape the human mind
    To those who see each piece of clay
    And believe that it is one of a kind
    Their knowledge like deft fingers
    Shaping and moulding the clay
    Expertly spinning the wheel
    Fast at times, at times slowing play
    Carefully grinding and dusting
    Allowing the contours to appear
    Baking and glazing every single one
    To make them last many a year
    So here’s an expression of gratitude
    Towards all those wonderful artisans
    The teachers who have crafted us all
    Into becoming our best possible versions
  • English Poetry


    My nation stands at the precipice 
    A fledgling ready to leave the perch
    Yet a maven helming a new world 
    A beacon of a wise and vibrant past
    A billion hopes ready to take wing
    Aspirations waiting to fly high
    A populace with a newfound voice
    Diaspora that has found the spotlight 
    You know you can reach where you’re going 
    Once you know where you started from 
    India today is an idea whose time has come 
    Our tryst with our destiny has only just begun
  • English Poetry


    Things aren’t always
    As they seem the wise say
    Life is after all, about the greys
    And the games people play

    Be wary of the silences
    For in them lie the seeds
    Of perceptions and pretences
    Scheming and devious deeds

    Minds with power to spread fear
    No sweat broken when a lie is told
    Bereft of emotion, never ever a tear
    Ethics pawned and conscience sold

    Gather ye the guardians of good
    For the hour of reckoning has come
    Stand for what’s right as you should
    Fight for all and not just for some

    The brave must protect and fight
    For the meek to inherit the earth
    Light torches, shine the path bright
    Time to show what truth is worth

    Blow hard, blow high, blow strong
    Drive those storm clouds far away
    For good takes time to come along
    When it does, hold on, make it stay

  • English Poetry

    The Night Watchman

    Dense fog hangs on
    Rather obstinately 
    The underlying sense of gloom
    Is undeniable 
    Rays of the morning sun
    Battle to sneak in
    The air feeble in its movement 
    Struggles to rustle a leaf 
    The embers have braved on
    Valiant in their heat
    They beat a cold night
    The ashes tell their tale 
    The steaming cup of tea
    Signals a new day
    Dutybound or subservient 
    He salutes with a morning wish
    Hope and need intertwine
    Need saying survive another day
    Hope nudging and telling him 
    This too shall pass
  • English Poetry

    I am YOU!

    Perhaps it’s always been the case
    But I have begun to feel it more these days
    In important and in those little things
    In familiar yet in undescribable ways
    I notice it in the way I speak
    Even in the way I react to what I eat
    It manifests in my constant worry
    I have changed for sure and it’s bittersweet 
    Each day I look in the mirror the feeling grows
    It causes me to miss you more and then not to
    There are no two ways about it, I am sure
    I was “me” now I am “you
  • English Poetry

    I Believe

    Sunlight streams through my window
    But fails to lighten up my dark corners
    The corners of my vacant heart
    Life just passed me by
    While I sat making other plans
    A long winding highway with pain at every bend
    A journey spent in waiting for the next milestone
    Just tunnels without any light at the end
    Good things come to those who wait they say
    How much longer? How much further?
    No stopovers, no goodbyes
    No fleeting moments stolen from life
    Lifes just a one way track headed nowhere
    Hope is the fuel I run on
    And I still wait because I believe
    Yes, I believe
  • English Poetry

    Ode to a Sibling

    Is there a burial ground for a heartache?
    A deep distant corner to bury your feelings
    Of the sort that were suppressed
    Emotions left unexpressed
    The ache of a playmate lost
    The agony of a companion gone
    The hand that helped me walk
    The one who shaped the way I write and talk
    Never to come back again ..you're gone without a trace
    Every time I've thought of you I've held back
    Stopped myself from wondering
    How it would have been had you been around
    How you'd have felt
    In my moments of joy and those when I was in pain
    Years have passed yet the hurt remains
    The unsaid and the unreleased is what I pen today
    Don't need photographs on the wall
    I close my eyes... I see your face