Things aren’t always
As they seem the wise say
Life is after all, about the greys
And the games people play

Be wary of the silences
For in them lie the seeds
Of perceptions and pretences
Scheming and devious deeds

Minds with power to spread fear
No sweat broken when a lie is told
Bereft of emotion, never ever a tear
Ethics pawned and conscience sold

Gather ye the guardians of good
For the hour of reckoning has come
Stand for what’s right as you should
Fight for all and not just for some

The brave must protect and fight
For the meek to inherit the earth
Light torches, shine the path bright
Time to show what truth is worth

Blow hard, blow high, blow strong
Drive those storm clouds far away
For good takes time to come along
When it does, hold on, make it stay