The Wiseman’s Lament

Fear not the fools
For they have no pretence
Fear the questions they ask
For they may expose your ignorance

Beware of the ignorant though
They certainly are a dangerous lot
Stubborn enough to keep facts at bay
Smart enough to connive and plot

Wisdom alone isn’t enough for the wise
The wise must put it to opportune use
For the fool doesn’t care much for knowledge
The ignorant love status quo, tis change they refuse

The fools have no concept of it
The ignorant don’t find wasting it a crime
Quest for knowledge is a burden for the wise
Wisdom isn’t attained overnight, it accrues over time

The world is fair and uniformly unkind to all
No matter you are the fool, ignorant or wise
The wise in their knowledge of it suffer more
After all, “Ignorance is bliss in fool’s paradise”