• English Poetry

    The Beggar

    I’ve seen many a time, a beggar.
    He sits under the old oak you know,
    Just down the street.
    He sits there with his hands spread
    Crying out just, just a rupee for today’s bread.
    He is pitiable.
    I wonder why he took to begging.
    He is not disabled, that much I know
    And his handicap, it never does show.
    Was it joblessness? I asked.
    But to this he just smiled.
    My attempts to know him were futile,
    And he’s been there all this while.
    I’ve known him for ten years now
    And till today I wonder, why?
    But my questions get lost in his smile.
  • English Poetry

    Time to Fly

    Some pages in the book of life are best unread
    No point looking back nor consider retreat
    Got to find a raindrop that patters to your beat
    There is a cloud that has your silver line
    There're shells at a beach for you to find
    Spaces for you to venture into
    Challenges waiting for you to try
    Dreams waiting to come alive
    Go on! Turn the page
    Life's waiting to be lived
    It's not just spreading your wings
    But courage that makes you fly
  • English Poetry

    An Ode… To Those Who Believed

    It's not easy to walk a different path
    To set off on a journey where questions abound
    The doubts they flourish when you are stepping onto roads 
    That are foreseeably bumpy, uncharted, even inexistent
    Risking it all doesn’t mean absence of fear
    The clock is your enemy and the mirror isn’t your friend
    When you have only yourself to blame and to rely
    When there are no maps or guiding stars in the sky
    Tis the believers who hold the torch
    For the explorers on their onward march
    No birds ever flew without the wind beneath their wings
    It is their belief that fuels the hope each passing day brings
  • English Poetry

    The Choice

    Why should life be lived 
    On someone else's terms
    One needs to feel the angst
    Of their own itches and burns
    Who knows when a right may come
    Even if it is after a few wrong turns
    Happiness lies in chasing ones own dreams
    What good are wings if they are tethered
    Life is only fulfilling if it's lived unfettered