• Hindi Poetry | कविताएँ

    Dil Chahta Hai (दिल चाहता है)

    इस दौड़ती थकाती ज़िंदगी से
    एक पल चुराना ये दिल चाहता है
    किसी भूले से पसंदीदा एक गीत के
    दो बोल गुनगुनाना ये दिल चाहता है

    बिन मतलब बंध जाते थे जो
    ऐसे मीत ये दिल चाहता है
    बिन मौसम बेइंतहा बरसती रहे जो
    ऐसी प्रीत ये दिल चाहता है

    ख़र्च अपने किसी शौक़ पे कर सकें
    वो फ़ुरसत ये दिल चाहता है
    चल पड़ें किसी रूमानी डगर पर
    ऐसी हिम्मत ये दिल चाहता है

    कथनी करनी में भेद ना हो जिनमें
    वो बोल बोलना ये दिल चाहता है
    मर्यादा जो मनसपूर्ण और सच्ची हो
    वो लेना-देना ये दिल चाहता है

    चाहत में जहाँ निजी स्वार्थ न हो
    वो दुनिया ये दिल चाहता है
    बिन माँगे पूरी करे जो सबकी दुआ
    ऐसा ख़ुदा ये दिल चाहता है
  • English Poetry

    The Night Watchman

    Dense fog hangs on
    Rather obstinately 
    The underlying sense of gloom
    Is undeniable 
    Rays of the morning sun
    Battle to sneak in
    The air feeble in its movement 
    Struggles to rustle a leaf 
    The embers have braved on
    Valiant in their heat
    They beat a cold night
    The ashes tell their tale 
    The steaming cup of tea
    Signals a new day
    Dutybound or subservient 
    He salutes with a morning wish
    Hope and need intertwine
    Need saying survive another day
    Hope nudging and telling him 
    This too shall pass
  • English Poetry

    I Believe

    Sunlight streams through my window
    But fails to lighten up my dark corners
    The corners of my vacant heart
    Life just passed me by
    While I sat making other plans
    A long winding highway with pain at every bend
    A journey spent in waiting for the next milestone
    Just tunnels without any light at the end
    Good things come to those who wait they say
    How much longer? How much further?
    No stopovers, no goodbyes
    No fleeting moments stolen from life
    Lifes just a one way track headed nowhere
    Hope is the fuel I run on
    And I still wait because I believe
    Yes, I believe
  • English Poetry

    The Tempest

    I wake up to a beautiful dawn
     The birds are chirping signaling morn
     The wispy clouds floating in the sky
     Give no clues of the night that went by
     Innocuously they had gathered
     Getting darker by the day
     The quiet before passed unnoticed
     Before long it started to pour
     The winds roared and howled all night
     As the clouds spat venom with all their might
     Trees uprooted the rivers broke bank
     Entire settlements without trace they sank
     Oh! What a tumult it caused
     The destruction that it left in its wake
     The tempest has now blown over
     It's time to pick up the pieces
     And salvage what you can
     Rebuild things make them better
     This time stronger than when we began
     Got to keep moving forward
     Ups and downs are all part of the big plan
     The choice is ours and so is the lesson to learn
     We can keep looking at the strewn leaves
     Or decide on which leaf to turn
  • English Poetry

    A River Called Hope

    There’s a river that flows eternal its called Hope
     From the zenith of optimism and down its mountainous slopes
     It runs the deepest along the valley of despair
     The currents dismissing obstacles like it just didn’t care
     Ever accommodating in its spirit
     It carries within it
     Streams of negativity, even the past
     Meandering along teaching you nothing lasts
     To opulence from penury
     To contentment through misery
     There’s a panacea for problems one can’t cope
     It’s a river that flows eternal and it’s called Hope
  • English Poetry

    Give Change a Chance

    The first drops of rain
     May never assure a season of plenty
     Scant as they maybe 
     They most always give new life a chance
     Who ever knew what a new day can bring
     Strange how hope transcends
     The inevitability of the darkness to follow
     Why then do we dread
     That which we do not know
     Who knows an honest attempt
     May ring flowery promises hollow
     Hit a fresh note, strike a different key
     Swing to the rhythm of a brand new beat
     Even two steps forward and one step back
     When taken together can form a dance
    Go on give change a chance!