• English Poetry


    Memories are like the rain
     At times, a passing drizzle
     That brings welcome relief
     At times, a downpour
     With no end in sight
     There are times
     You want to reach out
     And every drop
     That falls in your palms
     Sets you aflutter
     Yet on occasion
     You're caught unaware
     Drenched and lashed
     Soaked in muddy despair
     Washed green leaves
     Pitter and Patter
     Bring a song to your lip
     And a spring in your step
     Then there are gloomy dark days
     Not a ray breaking through
     Every droplet weighing you down
     Drowning you each passing minute
     Memories are like the rain
     A little, leaves you wanting for more
     A lot, and your only friend is regret!