How important is it to have a town that you could call yours?

Someplace which would always be home…

You can’t always explain this feeling but one does get attached to places..more often than not these are places where you grew up..despite all their shortcomings some corner of your heart always craves and wishes that you could find your way back.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s not just about the house you lived in..there’s so much more associated with a hometown…it is what lies beneath the surface..the people you know, the kids you played with and those you went to school with, the evening hangouts and the neighbourhood store…those quaint places..streets and corners with anecdotes associated with them… always knowing the best place to find most any thing that you could think, shopping for clothes, you name it. I guess this is what constitutes your roots.

You might spend half your life away from your hometown but it’s always a special feeling when you are back. And no it’s not something that lasts a day or two I’ve noticed that it continues even after you leave..of course with knowledge of the fact that you’ll be back again. But what if you knew that the next time you are back there would be no place you could call home?? If you had to stay overnight in a hotel or at a friend’s or relatives place?

The word that closest describes that feeling is uprooted!!!

And to close a few lines from this classic by Jerry Lewis

 The old hometown looks the same
 As I step down from the train....
 ....It's good to touch the green, green grass of home.
 The old house is still standing
 Though the paint is cracked and dry
 And there's that old oak tree
 that I used to play on
 Down the lane I'd walk ...
 It's good to touch the green, green grass of home.
 ...Then I awake and look around me
 At the gray walls that surround me
 And I realized that I was only dreaming..