• English Poetry

    I Believe

    Sunlight streams through my window
    But fails to lighten up my dark corners
    The corners of my vacant heart
    Life just passed me by
    While I sat making other plans
    A long winding highway with pain at every bend
    A journey spent in waiting for the next milestone
    Just tunnels without any light at the end
    Good things come to those who wait they say
    How much longer? How much further?
    No stopovers, no goodbyes
    No fleeting moments stolen from life
    Lifes just a one way track headed nowhere
    Hope is the fuel I run on
    And I still wait because I believe
    Yes, I believe
  • English Poetry

    Ode to a Sibling

    Is there a burial ground for a heartache?
    A deep distant corner to bury your feelings
    Of the sort that were suppressed
    Emotions left unexpressed
    The ache of a playmate lost
    The agony of a companion gone
    The hand that helped me walk
    The one who shaped the way I write and talk
    Never to come back again ..you're gone without a trace
    Every time I've thought of you I've held back
    Stopped myself from wondering
    How it would have been had you been around
    How you'd have felt
    In my moments of joy and those when I was in pain
    Years have passed yet the hurt remains
    The unsaid and the unreleased is what I pen today
    Don't need photographs on the wall
    I close my eyes... I see your face