The Elixir

The memories of my past are fast fading
 Idols of my childhood years are disappearing
 Takes a moment for me to realise age has caught up
 Decades have passed since, that mid-life has struck
 The question I ask, is it living in denial?
 Some persistent experimentation or obstinate trial
 Or an inexplicable belief that there’s time left on the clock
 That the ship of life is setting sail not readying to dock
 Such is and fortunately so, the journey of life
 We hang on to the joys to help us tide the strife
 What better time than youth, times of unfettered existence
 High on life, dreams in our eyes, oh! that exuberance
 Wish one could order some of those days “to go”
 Our little perk up snack when life hits a low
 Then you look up and find that helping hand
 The party pack you did carry, your friend!