F.R.I.E.N.D.S – Family You Can Choose!

For most of us the growing up years of school are the times that we cherish. I bet many of us were asked to write essays on “My Best Friend”. Looking back at the years gone by, almost feel that friends are the family life lets you choose. Not to say that the I have complaints about the one I have (and no I’m not buttering up to my parents!!!).
I’m sure all of us have those cousins who irritate us no end and uncles who are snoots and aunts who’s son is better than you at everything. But when it comes to friends its different. These are people you’ve chosen to be with or those who have chosen you to be with. Either way it’s a two way street. When you’re with friends it doesn’t matter who picks up the tab after a couple of drinks at the pub. You don’t maintain books…most loans are on non-returnable basis! I guess what sets friends apart is the that there are no set expectations from friends…just that they are around.
My favourite friend moment was when a friend of mine called me and asked me what I was doing and when I said “Nothin” pat came the reply “Me too! Come over and we’ll do nothing together!!” That’s what friendship is all about. The ability to do nothing together! Who hasn’t spent endless hours just hanging around! Milkshake at ones place, followed by sandwiches at the next guys place.

Having said that, with friends you don’t have to ask. We’ve all told those little lies for a friend. A little bit of truth bending. And no, friendship is not only about covering up its also about showing the way to the best of our capabilities. Yes, sometimes plans go horribly wrong.

Friendship is a spirit that does not age..you can press the pause button for days..months maybe even years and start from where you left off. Friendship is not only about reminisceing the moments spent together; it’s about creating one more moment every time you do!!!!

As John Lennon put it…”I get by with a lil help from my friends…”