• English Poetry

    An Ode… To Those Who Believed

    It's not easy to walk a different path
    To set off on a journey where questions abound
    The doubts they flourish when you are stepping onto roads 
    That are foreseeably bumpy, uncharted, even inexistent
    Risking it all doesn’t mean absence of fear
    The clock is your enemy and the mirror isn’t your friend
    When you have only yourself to blame and to rely
    When there are no maps or guiding stars in the sky
    Tis the believers who hold the torch
    For the explorers on their onward march
    No birds ever flew without the wind beneath their wings
    It is their belief that fuels the hope each passing day brings
  • English Poetry

    Forever Indebted

    For caressing my curiosity beyond a tome
    For creating a home away from home
    For helping me get up after a fall
    For pushing me to give it my all
    For encouraging thought and creativity 
    For ignoring acts of teenage proclivity 
    For the angry glare and timely reprimand
    For simply saying “I understand”
    For making sure I became the best version of me
    For I couldn’t have made it this far had you just let me be
  • English Poetry


    I walk alone
    Trying to find a way back home
    I look for a landmark
    Yet I keep coming back to the start
    I am tired and strained
    The sights and sounds seem unfamiliar
    The shadows grow longer
    I am scared and frightened
    I see a light shining in the distance
    I open my eyes
    Yes, I am home
    A loving touch
    A hand runs its fingers through my hair
    It's you mother
    I am comforted by your tender loving care
  • English Poetry

    The Perfect Circle

    Circle of Friends by Susan Vannelli used for The Perfect Circle a poem by Sudham
    Art: Circle of Friends by Susan Vannelli
    I pen these lines to say ‘Thank You’ on what my little one says is Friendship Day
    There are indeed things to express and today’s as good as any other day
    Always maintained and truly believe that friends are the family one can choose
    Our most potent weapons always ready at our behest to convince, corrupt or confuse

    To all the friends who befriended me or I ever made
    At work, the university, the neighbourhood or first grade
    Close or distant so many of you have had a role to play
    In shaping me into the person I am from the proverbial clay

    To those who really don’t fit the classical definition of a friend
    The ones that are always around to support with hand to lend
    The parents, siblings, the teachers at school and yes even bosses
    The hands of God, the guardian angels, the mystery sauces

    To those with whom I stayed the course and they’re but a few
    You have a big heart, I know what it takes for being there, for staying true
    Then there are those that distances and time pushed away
    Mere pauses in our friendship for whenever we meet we just press play

    To the handful and hopefully all of you know who you are
    My rocks of Gibraltars, my partners in crime, my guiding stars
    For a man of words I search for ones that’ll convey what I really want to say
    I live and breathe metaphorically and truly it’s because of you I’m here today
  • English Poetry

    Wish…Come True!

    I wake up in the morning
     I see your face before me
     I close my eyes and open them again
     Making sure I'm not dreaming
     I mumble a prayer and thank the power above
     All our years together in a moment flash by
     A smile spreads on my face
     I realise what I have in front of me
     Is all that I ever wanted love to be
     A constant companion, a partner in all my crimes
     What I see is my wish…come true!