Man in the Mirror

I look in the mirror and try to place the face I see
 Is this the man that ten year old wanted to be
 Years have passed, time enough to have all the boxes ticked
 I remember the ten year old had a list
 The face in mirror has a dismissive look
 I gave it a shot and all that it took
 I did some of that and even more
 This ship has sailed now to many a shore
 I sense your pride said the boy
 You have the riches but where's the joy
 Happiness now is a mere pretence
 Blissful seems a life of ignorance
 You will learn in time about the rat race
 Have to give up a lot to find your place
 Gave up a dream or may be two
 What could've been no time to rue
 One last thing the boy said
 What I see now I don't look forward to
 When I am older I won't be you
 With those words the mirror cracked
 Suddenly I had a hundred me s
 Not one of them who I wanted to be
 I don't remember when or where the boy got lost
 I have to find him at any cost