An Imperfect World

Someone once pointed out
 There are no straight lines in nature
 No perfect circles without doubt
 Why in life then do we seek
 A straight path leading to the peak
 A shower made of perfect spherical drops
 Guarantees not a bountiful crop
 When rivers flow they bend and wind
 Don't they know
 The shortest route between two points is a straight line
 We only think of stemming the flow
 Tis us who builds dams and dykes
 Seeking logic and reason we pretend
 That we were here by design not accident
 This human urge to achieve perfection
 Is what causes grief and gives us strife
 Pray someone tell me is it really worth the sacrifice
 As utopian as it may sound
 If this race to be the best didn’t exist
 If good were really good enough
 If greys were accepted not just black and white
 Would it not be a simpler world
 An imperfect one but rather nice