I remember my first outing as a child
 Vivid memories of riding pony on my father's back
 I remember getting caught with my hand in the cookie jar
 Or how I howled on my first day at school
 And getting a whack for my constant chatter
 My bloodied lips and black eye
 My victory marks from a back alley fight
 Pining to sit next to the prettiest girl
 Shared lunches and shattered crushes
 The first kiss and the heart break
 Being lost when asked to make a career choice
 The pain of failing to make the cut
 Not giving up despite the hurt
 Dusting myself to fight again
 Finding love and a friend for life
 Losing buddies along the way
 The twinkle in my first-born's eye
 The littlest tightest grip of my second one
 Barely a score in a four decade life
 Picture frames on my memory wall
 Good and bad bitter and sweet
 Fleeting moments frozen till eternity
 Each one telling me life is alive
 Now I can worry about what's in store
 Or just step out today and create one more