• English Poetry

    The Semal and The Storks

    Each year come the Ides of March The Red Silk Cotton starts to bloom ‘Tis then that the waiting starts For the winged guests to arrive Somehow this cycle of nature Hast created for me a sense of normal Indicators that all’s well in the world The flocking birds and the blooming Semal This year too there was the anxious wait I wondered if, for the tree had bloomed late Woke up this morning and the cynic had died The flocking birds brought my hope alive

  • Hindi Poetry | कविताएँ


    गुमनाम बिन पहचान फिरते रहते हैं ये कैसे अनदेखे अनसुने से घिर आते हैं ये उबाले समंदर के नहीं बनते है ये बिन मौसम तो कम ही दिखतें हैं ये मुरीदों की सौ सौ गुहार सुन कभी चंद बूँदें तो कभी बौछार बरसा जातें हैं ये ये बादल कभी सफ़ेद नर्म रुई से तो कभी काले धुऐं की तरह छा जातें हैं जाने कितनी उमीदों का बोझ ले कर चलते हैं ये अब के सावन उम्मीद लिए एक बादल मेरा भी होगा सूरज की रोशन गर्मी को मध्धम करने का बल मुझ में भी होगा कभी तेज़ चलने तो कभी रुख पलटने का दौर मेरा भी होगा जम के बरसेंगे बादल जो…

  • English Poetry

    An Imperfect World

    Someone once pointed out There are no straight lines in nature No perfect circles without doubt Why in life then do we seek A straight path leading to the peak A shower made of perfect spherical drops Guarantees not a bountiful crop When rivers flow they bend and wind Don't they know The shortest route between two points is a straight line We only think of stemming the flow Tis us who builds dams and dykes Seeking logic and reason we pretend That we were here by design not accident This human urge to achieve perfection Is what causes grief and gives us strife Pray someone tell me is it…

  • English Poetry

    The Tempest

    I wake up to a beautiful dawn The birds are chirping signaling morn The wispy clouds floating in the sky Give no clues of the night that went by Innocuously they had gathered Getting darker by the day The quiet before passed unnoticed Before long it started to pour The winds roared and howled all night As the clouds spat venom with all their might Trees uprooted the rivers broke bank Entire settlements without trace they sank Oh! What a tumult it caused The destruction that it left in its wake The tempest has now blown over It's time to pick up the pieces And salvage what you can Rebuild…

  • English Poetry

    Moonlit Heart

    The Moon hung low last night The gentle blowing breeze The melodic sound of bristling leaves Pushed a poets heart was under a spotlight Melancholic as the setting was My moonlit heart strummed a forgotten yet familiar tune Vivid memories filled the spaces in between Of a love long lost never to be seen The moon with its blemishes and all Stood testament That nothing in this world is perfect at all For in love you are destined The higher you soar the harder you fall Love sent a message through the receeding moon though It won't be long before I go around and am back again I'll fade out…