Moonlit Heart

The Moon hung low last night
 The gentle blowing breeze
 The melodic sound of bristling leaves
 Pushed a poets heart was under a spotlight
 Melancholic as the setting was
 My moonlit heart strummed a forgotten yet familiar tune
 Vivid memories filled the spaces in between
 Of a love long lost never to be seen
 The moon with its blemishes and all
 Stood testament
 That nothing in this world is perfect at all
 For in love you are destined
 The higher you soar the harder you fall
 Love sent a message through the receeding moon though
 It won't be long before I go around and am back again
 I'll fade out of your sight
 Sure enough I'll be back full and bright
 Strange is the power love yields
 Can cast as a spell of magic
 Or drive you to the depths of misery
 Inexplicable, inescapble as it is
 The low hanging moon had thrown a curve ball
 Reminding me of a time gone by
 And telling me
 Its better to have loved and lost
 Than to have never loved at all