• Musings & Short Stories

    The Benefactor

    If one were to hear how Dheeraj and Uma got together, the story would have all the elements of a typical Bollywood potboiler. Love at first sight, strife, parents opposed to the relationship, you name it! Theirs is a relationship most of their friends swear by. But this is not a testament of their love, it’s a tale about how they started their married life. It must have been the late eighties or the early nineties at best. Dheeraj was in the final year of his Bachelors in Science. Our man however harboured hopes of becoming a poet…a “shaayar”. Never had the courage to tell his father though! The evenings…

  • English Poetry

    The Colour of Love

    Dear God Only you know when You made this blunder You sent down Adam and Eve And for them you created this world to live You added colour and made things bright But this fickle human mind you created Was filled with emotions To each of them man gave a colour And added to the commotion Red for passion, Blue for fright Green for jealousy though not quite But the colour of love man just couldn’t decide So dear God send down a colour A colour so new and pleasant A colour that spans ages The past, the future and the present A colour to paint this world with And…

  • English Poetry

    A Summer Crush

    A school boy's crush Nothing more than that A summers infatuation They said it wouldn't last No problems no worries Not a care for the world Two young hearts skipped a beat Only to beat together in rhythm Hand in hand we walked many a mile Stole kisses in the park Boy what a summer it was Gave each other more than just our hearts Summer ended twas time part Promises were made meaning to be kept Seasons changed winter came The flame survived through letters exchanged The spring flowers blossomed Another summer was nigh Sparks they flew again when we met And the flame it burnt bright But this…

  • English Poetry

    Wish…Come True!

    I wake up in the morning I see your face before me I close my eyes and open them again Making sure I'm not dreaming I mumble a prayer and thank the power above All our years together in a moment flash by A smile spreads on my face I realise what I have in front of me Is all that I ever wanted love to be A constant companion, a partner in all my crimes What I see is my wish…come true!

  • English Poetry

    Moonlit Heart

    The Moon hung low last night The gentle blowing breeze The melodic sound of bristling leaves Pushed a poets heart was under a spotlight Melancholic as the setting was My moonlit heart strummed a forgotten yet familiar tune Vivid memories filled the spaces in between Of a love long lost never to be seen The moon with its blemishes and all Stood testament That nothing in this world is perfect at all For in love you are destined The higher you soar the harder you fall Love sent a message through the receeding moon though It won't be long before I go around and am back again I'll fade out…