A Summer Crush

A school boy's crush
 Nothing more than that
 A summers infatuation
 They said it wouldn't last
 No problems no worries
 Not a care for the world
 Two young hearts skipped a beat
 Only to beat together in rhythm
 Hand in hand we walked many a mile
 Stole kisses in the park
 Boy what a summer it was
 Gave each other more than just our hearts
 Summer ended twas time part
 Promises were made meaning to be kept
 Seasons changed winter came
 The flame survived through letters exchanged
 The spring flowers blossomed
 Another summer was nigh
 Sparks they flew again when we met
 And the flame it burnt bright
 But this summer was different from the one before
 Made for each other was the new country lore
 We lived for the next year
 And the year after next
 Saying to one other
 With each parting kiss
 Just one more summer
 And we'll get through
 Twenty five summers gone
 We are still here
 Enjoying this summer
 Believing there'll be another and another one!