Life In a Cliche

I love to catch the morning sun in my eye
Always believed there's a cloud with the silver lining somewhere in the sky

I long to catch the winter morning breeze
When it rains I relish the sight of the washed green leaves

Yes there's a rainbow somewhere with a pot of gold
For every ending there's a story still untold

I know that good things come to those who wait
That there will come a day when all the work is finished or when it is not too late

I still feel the bitter truth is better than a lie
That belief is in saying why not rather than why

Wisdom is not in holding on but letting go
When the tide is against you its better lying low

In my life I have not loved wisely but loved deep
Never made promises I could not keep

Always tried to disguise my despair as patience
Looked forward to the journeys and not the destinations

Chosen life (Well...considering the alternative !)
Thank you Lord for all the mercies

Whenever I look back at my life
I would love to have LIVED it just like the cliche!