Sometimes you are struck
By a feeling that overwhelms
A strange discomforting sense
Of a total lack of control
You are drifting

The waters are calm
You sense no turbulence
Just an inexplicable fear
Uneasy and unware
You are still but sinking

You seek happiness
Peace and joy
A good life
You try maintain pace
The ground beneath is shifting

Get a grip
You coax yourself
Draw deep for strength
Look around for motivation
Believe there’s a silver lining

Winds change direction
Things fall into place
You get dealt a good hand
Hmmm you wonder if
The tide is turning

Green shoots around you
Blue skies on the horizon
You are in a better place
It’s a new view
Life has a new meaning

The low felt really low
Took away all you had
You were tough though
Took a couple on the chin
The real deal is not loosing

The high it may not remain
Troubles they may visit again
But one thing is for sure
It’s the tussle in between
That makes life worth living